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We organize the biennial World Meeting on Bayesian nonparametrics, to showcase the latest research and foster collaborations. With twelve successful previous editions of the conference, we are excited to see our membership and interest in the field grow. Indeed, we are the largest section of ISBA. We are also excited to annouce the launch of the BNP networking workshops, a new series of smaller workshops that aim to a) create an informal BNP event characterized by a flexible schedule and slots dedicated to early career researchers, b) establish and strengthen local networks and broaden appeal, c) foster brainstorming and innovation. Check out past and upcoming events organized or endorsed by BNP-ISBA.

About Us

Who are the BNP-ISBA board members? A list with the past board members is also available on our official webpage here. See also our bylaws here. Consider joining our board in the future! Contact us if you are interested.