We are delighted to annouce the launch of a new webinar series organized by BNP-ISBA. This series of monthly webinars are designed to disseminate research progress made by distinguished scholars working in our vast area. Although this series was partially motivated by the restrictions in effect due to current global health conditions, our aim is to transform this activity in a permanent place for regular meeting and discussion of BNP ideas.

Webinars will take place the first Wednesday of each month, starting in September of 2020. The current calendar is available below:

Upcoming webinars:

Date and Time Speaker Title
17:00 UTC on January 12, 2022 David Dunson TBA
17:00 UTC on December 8, 2021 Tamara Broderick Abstract

Previous webinars:

Date and Time Speaker Title
16:00 UTC on November 3, 2021 David B. Dahl Shrinking a partition distribution towards a baseline partition, with applications to dependent partitions Abstract and Video
16:00 UTC on October 6, 2021 Stephen G. Walker Random Measures from Martingales; applications to Bayesian nonparametrics Abstract and Video
12:00 UTC on September 1, 2021 Yongdai Kim Adaptive Bayesian inference for high-dimensional sparse factor models Abstract and Video
17:00 UTC on June 2, 2021 Peter Müller Bayesian nonparametric bivariate survival regression for current status data Abstract, Slides, and Video
17:00 UTC on May 5, 2021 Michael I. Jordan, Runjing (Bryan) Liu, and Ryan Giordano Assessing sensitivity to the stick-breaking prior in Bayesian nonparametrics Abstract, Slides, and Video
17:00 UTC on April 7, 2021 Jim E. Griffin and Alan Riva-Palacio Survival regression models with dependent Bayesian nonparametric priors Abstract and Video
17:00 UTC on March 3, 2021 Alejandro Jara Grid-uniform copulas and rectangle exchanges: Bayesian model and inference for a rich class of copula functions Abstract and Video
17:00 UTC on February 3, 2021 Ismael Castillo Bayesian multiple testing with spike and slab priors Abstract, Paper 1, and Paper 2
17:00 UTC on January 6, 2021 Marina Vanucci and Meng Li Semiparametric Bayesian inference for local extrema of functions in the presence of noise
17:00 UTC on December 2, 2020 Long Nguyen Overcoming weakly identifiable mixture models with more exchangeable data Video
16:00 UTC on November 4, 2020 Francois Caron Non-exchangeable random partition models for microclustering Video
16:00 UTC on October 7, 2020 Yanxun Xu A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach for Inferring Drug Combination Effects on Mental Health in People with HIV Video
16:00 UTC on September 2, 2020 Antonio Lijoi Investigating dependence in Bayesian nonparametric models Video